Nigel Poulton (He/Him/His)

Fight/Movement Coordinator, Intimacy Coordinator

An award-winning movement and fight director / coordinator, intimacy director / coordinator, SAG-AFTRA / MEAA stunt performer, weapon and movement specialist, and actor with over 25 years of professional experience. He has particular expertise in kinaesthetic movement processes and combat systems, classical, historical and adaptive swordplay, and edged weapon use. He has worked internationally over the last fifteen years, is a classically trained fencer with the Martinez Academy of Arms, has trained and taught extensively in Historical European Martial Arts throughout the world, and has over 20 years experience in a variety of mainland and archipelago Asian martial systems. Nigel is also a practitioner of Vsevelod Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics system, having trained intensively with the system’s current custodian Gennadi Bogdanov. Nigel is also an Instructor, Fight Director and past President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc, a Certified Teacher and Theatrical Firearms Instructor with the Society of American Fight Directors, has been certified with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and is a certified Intimacy Coordinator with Intimacy Directors International (IDI), and Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC).


Choreography credits include The Metropolitan Opera (2009 – 2014), the New York City Ballet (2007 – 2015), Cameron Mackintosh (2014, Les Misérables Australian Tour), Sydney Theatre Company (2000-2015), the Bell Shakespeare Company (Company Fight Director since 2003), Washington Opera Company (2002 tour of Japan), Opera Australia, Circus Oz, Melbourne Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Belvoire Street, La Boite Theatre (Brisbane), Playbox Theatre (Melbourne), and Kooemba Jdarra (Brisbane).


Nigel’s major film work as includes Thor: Love and Thunder, Escape from Spiderhead, Ding Dong You’re Gay, Occupation 2, Pirates of the Caribbean V (Disney), Deadline Gallipoli (Full Clip Productions/Matchbox Pictures), The Water Diviner (Fear of God Productions/Hopscotch Features), Winters Tale (Warner Brothers Studios), The Bourne Legacy (Bourne Film Productions), Vikingdom (KRU Studios). Nigel has been part of the Weapons Specialists Ltd creative team (New York) since 2007, gaining experience on productions including: The Good Wife (Scott Free Productions), Person of Interest (Kilter Films), One Shot/Jack Reacher (Paramount Pictures), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Salt (Columbia Pictures), I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures), Sopranos – 1997 Season (HBO), The Ministers, (Collective), 30 Rock (Broadway Video) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Wolf Films).

Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade


Dec 12, 2010 Broadsword New York, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 12, 2010 Knife New York, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 12, 2010 Unarmed New York, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 12, 2010 Quarterstaff New York, New York Recommended Pass

SUNY Purchase

Dec 10, 2010 Single Sword Purchase, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 10, 2010 Rapier and Dagger Purchase, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 10, 2010 Small Sword Purchase, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 10, 2010 Broadsword and Shield Purchase, New York Recommended Pass