Expand, Educate, Empower [EEE]

Certified Teacher, Dave Gonzalez, and Advanced Actor Combatant, Mol Wilson
at San Diego City College in San Diego, CA

Expand, Educate, Empower (EEE) gives underserved communities and organizations 30 hours of training plus testing in a weapon discipline from an SAFD Certified Teacher and Advanced or Intermediate Actor Combatant. Payment for Certified Teachers, Advanced/Intermediate Actor Combatants, and adjudication fees will be provided for by the Society of American Fight Directors.

The mission of "Expand, Educate, Empower" is to:

  1. Expand
    outreach and diversity of the SAFD by connecting underserved theatre artists to stage combat professionals.
  2. Provide free access to stage combat
  3. Empower
    a more diverse cohort of theatre professionals.

The basic setup of the program:

  1. Interested organizations apply to the "EEE" project through our application portal. CLICK HERE!
  2. The Certified Teacher (CT) and Advanced/Intermediate Actor Combatant (AAC/IAC) can be paired with an organization through multiple avenues. Check our FAQ below for more details!
  3. Interested organizations who are accepted into the program will work with the Development Department, Certified Teachers, and Advanced/Intermediate Actor Combatants to find a time period that works best for all involved.
  4. The chosen organizations will be supplied with, at minimum, 30 hours of training in their selected discipline plus a Skills Proficiency Test to be adjudicated by a Fight Master, giving students the opportunity to certify in said discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested Organization Requirements

Fight Director, Leraldo Anzaldua, and Intermediate Actor Combatant, Alyssa Kay
with students at Pork Filled Productions in Seattle, WA

For Organizations:

Enthusiastic and excited organizations who want stage combat training are encouraged to apply! Partner organizations are responsible for deciding if they are underserved and what qualifies them as such.

  • Interested organizations should be incorporated as a non-profit. Examples of non-profit organizations can include academic or educational institutions, community or professional theatres and performing arts groups, or any other form of underserved non-profit organization with an interest in stage combat education and specifically the EEE Initiative with the SAFD. 16 and over.
  • Applications for this round are due by April 1, 2023.

  • Please Download “FAQ Interested Organizations” for Partnering Organization FAQ.

APPLY HERE! SAFD EEE Initiative Application

For Certified Teachers and Advanced Actor Combatants:

Any Certified Teacher may submit to lead teach an SPT for EEE. Any Advanced Actor Combatant or Intermediate Actor Combatant may submit to assist. This program also serves as a mentoring program for AACs/IACs. Certified Teachers and Advanced/Intermediate Actor Combatants interested in participating in the EEE initiative, please fill out the EEE CT/AAC Interest Form. Please download “FAQ SAFD Members” for Instructor FAQ.


The Society of American Fight Directors recognizes that with the current state of pandemic, the safety and health of the participants cannot be guaranteed. In the event that the course needs to be canceled, the SAFD will work with the participating organization to find a time that works for the CT, AAC/IAC, and the organization. If the original CT and/or AAC/IAC is unavailable to or unable to participate during the new time, the Selection Committee and organization will select a CT and/or AAC/IAC who is available. The protocols all participants will be expected to adhere to are as follows:

  • All participants, instructors, assistants, students, and any other personnel must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate in the program, this includes up to date boosters recommended by the CDC. Proof of vaccination is required. No exceptions will be made.
  • All participants may be required to wear a mask, covering their nose and mouth, and otherwise be compliant with current CDC best practices in order to participate.
  • All participants will follow COVID-19 guidelines outlined by the CDC, and the Society of American Fight Directors, regardless of the individual state mandates.
  • Guidelines are subject to change at any time based on new recommendations or information received from the CDC and/or SAFD.
Fight Director Jaqueline Holloway and students
at Omaha Community Playhouse in Omaha, NE.

Applications for EEE

For any questions, please contact development@safd.org.