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The following is our current SAFD member directory listings. Just select from one of the links to view members in that group. Looking for information specific to your region? Just head over to the SAFD Regional Page to find events that specific to your area.

The Governing Body

Currently elected by the total membership to serve as officers of the SAFD governing body. <THIS IS TESTING ONLY>

Fight Masters

Have been awarded this status (inclusion in the College of Fight Masters) for having demonstrated the highest level of professional experience as teachers and directors of physical violence in the entertainment industry. The Society sanctions these individuals to adjudicate Skills Proficiency Tests, to serve as Master Teachers at any SAFD sanctioned workshop and to serve in the College of Fight Masters, an Advisory Board to the Governing Body of the Society.

Fight Directors

Individuals who have held the status of Certified Teacher for a minimum of three years and have demonstrated, through work in the professional arena, a high level of expertise as a teacher and choreographer of staged combat. These individuals are endorsed by the Society to direct and/or choreograph incidents of physical violence.

Certified Teachers

Members who currently hold a membership as a certified teacher. These individuasl have successfully completed the SAFD Teacher Certification Workshop and are endorsed by the Society to teach stage combat and the SAFD Skills Proficiency Test


These individuals, through years of service to the SAFD and their commitment to the art of stage combat. have been honored with the designation of emeritus. Fight Masters that are Emeritus members remain sanctioned adjudicators of the Skills Proficiency Tests and may teach Masterclasses at any level, including regional workshops and the NSCW.