Mentors within the SAFD

Hello esteemed members! We know that there are many of you out there with incredible potential and who are interested in taking your Stage Combat training to the next level.

“That’s me!” you might say. You may also be thinking, “But, what do I do next?”

Well, there are many of us in the Society that are glad you asked…

We are announcing a new program designed to put those of you who are in the early (or even mid-late) stages of your careers in touch with more experienced teachers, choreographers and directors who want to help you out along this journey.

We have Certified Teachers, Fight Directors and Fight Masters in regions throughout the U.S., each with their own unique interests and specialties who all have the same desire: to share their expertise with you. These fine artists are putting themselves out there to potentially become mentors to SAFD members in good standing with whom their interests coincide.

Look for the stars (*) on the map below and hover your mouse over those near your region. You will see the name of one of our mentors pop up and, if you click on this, you will be directed to their bio which will have information about their primary interests, fortes and what kind of mentees they might be looking for. Their contact information will be there so, if you think you might be a good fit for this person, use it!

Remember that these professionals are offering you their time and experience but it will be YOU that needs to take the steps to make this happen: i.e., travel, making initial contact, communicating in a timely and professional manner, and so forth.

If you are ready for that next step, find your region, click, reach out and you might just be forging a connection that will last a lifetime.