Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructors

The SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety Course takes participants through extensive training in nomenclature, legal regulations governing theatrical firearms, practical experience in maintenance, safe handling practices and procedures for theatre and film, coordination of theatrically effective and safe performance techniques, and the opportunity to perform basic firearms combat sequences with fellow participants.

Theatrical Firearms Instructors are qualified individuals with extensive professional experience in the staging and handling of firearms for stage and film. They hold additional practical firearms credentials from such organizations as the National Rifle Association and have extensive experience in the hands-on instruction of blank-fire theatrical firearms.

Statement regarding recent firearms safety issues

The Society of American Fight Directors would like to address the recent attention surrounding the discharge of a live round from a firearm on the set of "Rust" which led to the injury of Joel Souza and the death of Halyna Hutchins.

The primary focus of the SAFD is to provide the theatrical industry with training for the real-time safety of the working artist. This is why we have, since 1977, offered an extensive curriculum to train theatre artists in safe and effective techniques and protocols to create illusions of violence. The SAFD has spent more than a decade developing a Theatrical Firearms Safety course to better support and educate the professional theatrical community about firearms used in the entertainment industry. Whether a performer, crew member, designer, director, or producer, we believe everyone deserves access to the protocols for the handling of theatrical firearms so that everyone involved in a production can act in an informed way when there is a firearm present in the work.

There are many reputable organizations — national and local — that provide training in the safe handling of firearms. For those interested in more in-depth training, The SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety Course has been offered routinely since 2010. It is a fourteen hour, two-day course with a balance of hands-on and classroom instruction, led by carefully-vetted Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructors ( These courses are offered nationwide on a continuing basis.

We will soon make available a list of some of our protocols for proper handling of theatrical firearms. If you find this useful, have questions, or would simply like more information about the safe use of theatrical firearms, contact

We hope that understanding some of the basic safety tenets of handling firearms in a theatrical production can continue to keep each other safe, while engaging in effective storytelling.

  • Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson

    Associate Chair, Head of Undergraduate Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson

  • Robert Aronowitz

    Robert Aronowitz

    Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor, Tourist Trap Coordinator, Co-Founder Neutral Chaos LLC
  • H. Russ Brown

    H. Russ Brown

    Head of Theatre / Artistic Director - College of the Mainland
  • Payson Burt

    Payson Burt

    Fight Director/Certified Teacher
  • Jonathan Cole

    Jonathan Cole

    Fight Director, Certified Teacher and Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • J. Alex Cordaro

    J. Alex Cordaro

    Fight Director, Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Charles Coyl

    Charles Coyl

    Fight Master
  • Christopher DuVal

    Christopher DuVal

    Fight Director / Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Tiza Garland

    Tiza Garland

    Associate Director and Assoc. Professor of Theatre at the University of Florida
  • Dale Girard

    Dale Girard

  • Jayme Green

    Jayme Green

    Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts
  • Robb Hunter

    Robb Hunter

    Fight Master, Fight Director Representative, Certified Fight Director, Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Kevin Inouye

    Kevin Inouye

    Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Jeff A.R. Jones

    Jeff A.R. Jones

    Fight Director/ Certified Teacher
  • Geoffrey Kent

    Geoffrey Kent

    Fight Master, Fight Director, Certified Teacher, Master Firearms Instructor
  • Michael Kirkland

    Michael Kirkland

    Professor and Director of Theatre, Department of Media & Performing Arts, Regent University; Coordinator: The Virginia Beach BASH
  • Scot Mann

    Scot Mann

    Fight Master
  • Robert Najarian

    Robert Najarian

    Vice-President, Fight Director, Certified Teacher
  • Nigel Poulton

    Nigel Poulton

    Fight/Movement Coordinator, Intimacy Coordinator
  • Ian Rose

    Ian Rose

    Fight Master Representative
  • Darrell Rushton

    Darrell Rushton

    Certified Teacher
  • Jaq Seifert

    Jaq Seifert

    Certified Teacher, Certified Theatrical Firearms Instructor, Professor, Actor, Fight Director
  • Lee Soroko

    Lee Soroko

    Fight Director, Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Rachel Stubbs

    Rachel Stubbs

    Certified Teacher
  • Ronin Traynor

    Ronin Traynor

    Ronin Traynor
  • DC Wright

    DC Wright

    Certified Teacher
  • Bret Yount

    Bret Yount

    International Regional Rep