Paola Gonzalez (pronouns not set)

In the Past: I went to school in Puerto Rico at Colegio San Felipe, Nuestra Sra. Del Carmen and Colegio Evangelico Capitan Correa. I graduated from High School in 1993 I went to college in Mayaguez at Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez (RUM), formerly known as Colegio Agricultura y Artes Mecanicas (CAAM). I finished a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering (specialization in Environmental Engineer). I started doing pro-wrestling since 1999 while finishing my BS. The Present: I moved to Troy in 2004, now I live in Albany, NY. I move to to the area in August 2004 to go to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for graduate school. I am no longer going to RPI. I used to work as an environmental engineer for the NYS DEC in Albany until November 2009. Right now I am unemployed and looking for a new job. I had to quit my last job for personal reasons. I am trying to find a new job in engineering or anything else to help pay the bills. I am also a part-time student at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in hopes of completing an A.S. in Theater Arts. In my free time I do pro-wrestling (I began in 1999 in Puerto Rico, and also trained in 2001 at the Monster Factory in NJ), and I sometimes practice martial arts (bo staff, kendo sword, Jeet Kune Do). I am also a local actress involved in local comunity theater (since 2005). I have also trained in "stage combat" (term used to describe fights in movies and theatre, basically fight choreography) in New York City and in the summer of 2007 at North Carolina School of the Arts. I am one the few fight choreographers in Albany, NY and the New York Capital Region. Some of the shows I have choreographed include: "As You Like it", "Macbeth", "Twelfth Night", "I Hate Hamlet", "Man of La Mancha", "Romeo and Juliet", and "Hamlet". Below you can see a sample of my work and if you wish to learn more or need a fight choreographer for your theatrical production feel free to contact me. I also like watching movies, pro-wrestling and listening to music, playing video games and a bunch of other things. Finally, I am a transgender woman (a male-to-female transsexual) My prefered name is Paola Jazmin or P.J. I might be the first transgender woman that is a professional wrestler and fight choreographer. (If I am not feel free to let me know.) P.J. Gonzalez, Fight Choreographer, Actor/Combatant Fight Choreography Services for the Theatre Community and Film industry in the Albany, NY and Capital District My qualifications: Recognized Basic Proficiency in unarmed, rapier & dagger by the SAFD, 2007. Recognized Basic Proficiency in single sword by the SAFD 2008. Recognized Basic Proficiency in broadsword by the SAFD, 2008. Recognized as Actor/Combatant by the SAFD, 2008 Basic Pass in Knife by the SAFD 2009 Recommended pass in Quaterstaff by the SAFD 2010 Member of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) Fight Choreography Experience: Macbeth, Hamlet, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, I Hate Hamlet, Man of La Mancha, Romeo and Juliet, Little Mary Sunshine, Time After Time Awards: TANYS Roving Adjudicator Meritorious Achievement in Fight Choreography (2010) Other Skills: Whip Cracking (self teached) Juggling (self teached) Can play the following instruments Alto Sax, Harmonica (just a little bit) Acting Experience: Man of La Mancha (twice as a Muleeteer), Twelfth Night (Valentine/First Officer), Little Mary Sunshine (Yellow Feather), Charles Ludlam's Camille (Nanine), Time After Time (Security Guard of the Museum), As You Like it (Charles), The Marriage Counselor (Brian), Romeo and Juliet (Abraham), The Visit (Athlete/Truck Driver), The Dining Room (Architect), The Tempest (Boat Master/Dog), Titanic the Musical (George Widener/Frank Carlson), and Guys and Dolls (member of the Mission band)

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Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade


Mar 24, 2012 Knife New York, New York Basic Pass

Summer Sling

Aug 21, 2010 Unarmed New York, New York Recommended Pass
Aug 21, 2010 Rapier and Dagger New York, New York Basic Pass

Swordplay Stage Combat

Apr 26, 2009 Knife New York, New York Basic Pass

New York City

May 31, 2008 Broadsword New York, New York Basic Pass

Combat, Inc.

Apr 13, 2008 Unarmed New York, New York Basic Pass