Megan Reichelt

Megan Reichelt fell in love with fighting as a freshman at CUA when she watched Brad Waller's grad level Stage Combat class. When she was a senior, she asked to take the grad level class and was taught the basics by Robb Hunter. She then studied under Robb and received a Basic Pass in Broadsword, Small Sword, and Sword and Shield. She had to stop for a few years due to life circumstances, but now she is back! She has received a Basic Pass in Unarmed, and a Recommended Pass in Knife, Broadsword, and Single Sword under the tutelage of Casey Kaleba. She recently attended the Virginia Beach Bash for the first time (2017). She has used her skills in several shows, including Living Dead in Denmark with Rorschach Theatre, The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Superspy with Live Action Theatre, and Flying V Fights: Heroes and Monsters with Flying V. You can see her next in Flying V Fights: The Secret History of the Unknown World.

Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Round House Theatre

Jul 24, 2017 Broadsword and Shield Silver Spring, District of Columbia Recommended Pass
Mar 6, 2017 Single Sword Silver Spring, Maryland Recommended Pass
Sep 19, 2016 Broadsword Washington, District of Columbia Recommended Pass
Mar 19, 2016 Knife Washington, District of Columbia Recommended Pass

Tooth & Claw Combat Arts

Sep 12, 2015 Unarmed Silver Spring, Maryland Basic Pass