Samuel G.C. Muñoz

Assistant Professor of Movement, Conservatory of Performing Arts, Point Park University

Sam is an actor, fight choreographer, director, producer, voice over artist and an educator who's work has been seen in THOR, Invictus, Off Broadway, Tony Award winning Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Jeff Citation award winning Defiant Theatre, Queens World Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, North Hollywood Cinefest, Breckenridge Film Festival, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, Action On Film Festival, Windy City Film Festival, Second City Skybox, Improv Olympic, Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Chicago’s Storefront Theatre, About Face Theatre, Circle Theater, Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Florida Atlantic Repertory, and SoHo Playhouse.


Co-adapter, director, fight choreographer, performer, and producer of 2 Households, 2 Assholes: Shakespeare’s R&J (premiered at the New York International Fringe Festival), earning strong reviews in the New York Times,, Theater Reviews Limited, and ‘Critics’ Pick’ from Backstage.


Film-Motion Capture & Fight Choreography highlights include Kenneth Branagh’s THOR (assistant stunt coordinator) & Clint Eastwood’s Invictus (assist mo-cap dir). Acting highlights include Hamlet, Tybalt, Romeo, Smack Donavan (Sci-fi Action Movie), Westly (The Princes Bride), Ed (Aven’U Boys), Pike Calypso (Action Movie: The Play), with John Heard (film:Searching for Fortune), Cinemax’s TV series Banshee, and opposite Aaron Muñoz (2H2A & 53:1). Producer & Actor of award winning film 53:1, Stunt Coordinator & Actor of award winning film Broken & Outcast.


Sam trained with Royal Shakespeare Company members Tony Church, Estelle Kohler & Bill Homewood, Chicago’s Second City under the tutelage of Martin de Matt, Brain Posen & Anne Libera, The National Theater Conservatory under Shakespeare/Voice/Speech Specialist Gary Logan, Michael Checkoff student Archie Smith, Head of Acting Jennifer McCray Rincon, and Movement Specialist Bob Davidson. Muñoz received his MFA from Florida Atlantic University Professional Actor Training Program under Linklater/Voice/Speech Specialist Bridget Conners & Alexander Technique/Movement Specialist Meade Andrews. He received his BA from Columbia College Chicago studying under the tutelage of Sheldon Patinkin, Jeff Ginsberg, & SAFD Fight Master David Woolley. 


Former Adjunct Professor at California State University Northridge,  Florida Atlantic University Professional Actor Training Program, and Guest Teaching Artist at Columbia College Chicago. Currently, Assistant Professor at the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade


Aug 6, 2017 Knife Eaton Rapids, Michigan Basic Pass
Aug 6, 2017 Quarterstaff Eaton Rapids, Michigan Recommended Pass

2017 NSCW - AACW & Interns

Jul 7, 2017 Broadsword Winston-Salem, North Carolina Basic Pass
Jul 7, 2017 Unarmed Winston-Salem, North Carolina Recommended Pass
Jul 7, 2017 Rapier and Dagger Winston-Salem, North Carolina Recommended Pass
Jul 7, 2017 Single Sword Winston-Salem, North Carolina Recommended Pass
Jul 7, 2017 Broadsword and Shield Winston-Salem, North Carolina Recommended Pass

Yondorf Small Sword SPR

Mar 4, 2017 Small Sword Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass

Yondorf BS SPR

Apr 25, 2016 Broadsword Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass

Winter Wonderland Workshop

Jan 9, 2016 Rapier and Dagger Rosemont, Illinois Basic Pass
Jan 8, 2016 Unarmed Rosemont, Illinois Recommended Pass