Bernadette Sayre (pronouns not set)


Hello, my name is Bernadette Sayre and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am an actress / filmmaker. I work for Parroco Production Group, Inc. astheir in-house talent & producer. For more of my work please visit my websites at: and




Filmily Fest Film Festival Quantum; Nominated - Best Actress

Hampton Roads 48 Film Competition Family Business; Awarded - Best Ensemble of Actors

SAFD Fight Master Dale Girard; Awarded - Recommendation Status in Rapier & Dagger 

SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety Certificate

SAFD Unarmed Certificate 

SAFD Broadsword Certificate 



Equestrian: English, Western, Bareback. Dialects Performed: Southern American, Cockney, all others IPA. Voiceover Talent, Print Modeling, West Coast Swing Dancing, Hip-Hop Dancing, Suzuki Violin, Snowboarding, Softball, Basketball. Virginia Beach Bash: Stage Combat Workshops. USA Passport, VA Driver’s License, Owner of a 2010 Gray PT Cruiser, Stick-Shift Driver.


Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Regent University Spring SPTs

May 8, 2016 Unarmed Virginia Beach, Virginia Basic Pass
May 8, 2016 Broadsword Virginia Beach, Virginia Basic Pass
May 8, 2016 Rapier and Dagger Virginia Beach, Virginia Recommended Pass