Andres Robledo (pronouns not set)

Andres Robledo

Andres Robledo is a Miami, Florida native who has been acting and performing from the time he was six years old till present. After being cast as a lead role in a play every academic year, excluding the semester he took to study abroad in London, he graduated Florida State University with his BFA in Acting. He spent his summers performing regionally at the Post Playhouse in Nebraska, where, according to The Alliance Times-Herald, he was “uncanny [in his] channeling of Sinatra through look, movement, and mannerism. Seem[ing] old beyond his years, evoking youth and jaded age with precision." The next summer he was a combatant in Tecumseh: The Outdoor Drama, and furthered his stage combat training.

After graduation, he took a year to travel and explore his hobbies, including child wrangling and stage combat. He couldn’t stay out of the business for very long, however, and was soon cast in Shakespeare Miami’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing” as Don Jon and fight choreographer. As an experienced stage combatant, he was also hired to direct fights for local high school performances.

In the spring of 2016, he decided New York City was the place to be and he couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities he’s been presented since then. He’s participated in workshops of new plays including Dead End by Marcus Graham (Dean), Orphans and Outsiders by Andrew Garret (M), a staged reading directed by Abigail Zealey-Bess (Hot n’ Holy: Sex in a Coma), and now, an Equity Production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Male Cover). Andres is now a proud AEA member!

He is most grateful to God, his source for all things good, his Mama for constantly providing emotional and spiritual support, his Papa for supporting him financially (not emotionally?), and his friends for never saying die. Andres enjoys unbridled laughter, real talk, and games.

  • Actor's Equity Association

Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Theatrical Firearms at The Lost Colony 2019

Jul 8, 2019 Firearm Manteo, North Carolina Recommended Pass

A-Town Throw Down 2018 Students

May 20, 2018 Single Sword Atlanta, Georgia Basic Pass

Neutral Chaos Summer 2017

Sep 21, 2017 Rapier and Dagger New York, New York Recommended Pass
Sep 21, 2017 Small Sword New York, New York Recommended Pass

Neutral Chaos Spring 2017

Jun 13, 2017 Quarterstaff New York, New York Recommended Pass

Neutral Chaos Winter 2017

Mar 26, 2017 Broadsword New York, New York Recommended Pass

Neutral Chaos Fall 2016

Dec 18, 2016 Unarmed New York, New York Recommended Pass
Dec 18, 2016 Broadsword and Shield New York, New York Recommended Pass

Neutral Chaos Summer 2016

Sep 26, 2016 Knife New York, New York Basic Pass

Swordplay SiS1 2016

Aug 8, 2016 Single Sword New York, New York Basic Pass