Jessica Pennachio (She/Her/Hers)

Advanced Actor Combatant

Currently residing in Chicago, Jessica has a B.A in Theatre Performance from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she studied Physical Theatre, Circus, and Shakespeare. After graduating, she moved to Chicago to complete the Actor’s Gymnasium Professional Circus Training Program where she obtained a Certificate of Completion with a focus in Partner Acrobatics and a minor in Juggling. 


She started her stage combat journey at the end of 2020 and is an Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD. She obtained 8 certificates under the instruction of Fight Master, Chuck Coyl, and was in the first SPR class offered at Open Gate Movement Arts to receive her last certificate. She feels very fortunate to have joined the group of "Kevin's" as one of Chuck's assistants at the Actor's Gymnasium and has also started assisting Open Gate Movement Arts SPT and SPR classes under CT's Dave Gonzalez and Nicky Jasper. 

She looks forward to seeing where this journey takes her! 


Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Open Gate Movement Arts Winter 2022

Dec 10, 2022 Small Sword Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass

Actor's Gym Summer Firearms Course

Sep 18, 2022 Firearm Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Sword & Shield Summer Class

Jun 25, 2022 Broadsword and Shield Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass

Actor's gym Spring Smallsword

Jun 5, 2022 Small Sword Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Winter Knife Class Section 1

Mar 20, 2022 Knife Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Fall Unarmed one

Nov 21, 2021 Unarmed Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Single Sword Summer 2021

Sep 12, 2021 Single Sword Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Broadsword Test Spring 2021

Jun 20, 2021 Broadsword Evanston, Illinois Recommended Pass

Actor's Gym Rapier and Dagger Winter 2021

Apr 11, 2021 Rapier and Dagger Evanston, Illinois Basic Pass

Quarterstaff test fall 2020

Nov 29, 2020 Quarterstaff Evanston, Illinois Basic Pass