What is the NSCW or National Stage Combat Workshop?

The NSCW is the SAFD’s flagship workshop, where all levels of stage combat students gather for intensive training with SAFD-Certified Teachers, Fight Directors, and Fight Masters. Lasting 3 weeks and held each summer, the NSCW gives participants the opportunity to test and renew in SAFD weapon disciplines, work with highly experienced professionals in the field, and expand and strengthen their industry network of mentors and peers.  



What courses does the NSCW offer?

There are four courses offered, on a rotating basis, at the NSCW:

  • Introduction to Stage Combat. This workshop is designed for beginners in stage combat. Students train in all eight disciplines recognized by the SAFD, for roughly 10 hours each. While qualified students may have the opportunity to renew, the ISC does not offer SPTs.
  • Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency Workshop. Students in the ACW received focused training in Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger or Singlesword, and a third weapon, and may take Skills Proficiency Tests in those weapons at the end of three weeks. If they pass all three, and join the SAFD, they are recognized as Actor Combatants by the SAFD.
  • Advanced Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency Workshop. This workshop features study in advanced movement and acting techniques, as well as three additional weapon styles from the SAFD’s eight. Possible weapons include Knife, Single Sword, Smallsword, Sword & Shield, and Quarterstaff.
  • Teacher Certification Workshop. Advanced teachers of stage combat may apply to be Certified as teachers with the SAFD. At this workshop, teachers have their classroom technique, curriculum planning, and knowledge of stage combat evaluated and critiqued by SAFD Fight Masters. At the conclusion of the TCW, successful candidates receive their Teaching Certification.