Are there any Scholarships available to train with the SAFD?
Yes!  We offer multiple scholarships to the NSCW:

1) The General Scholarship - anyone who has been a paid member for at least one year may apply.  One (1) general scholarship is given per year, and this scholarship covers 100% of your tuition

2) The Carlos Lopez IV Memorial Scholarship - anyone may apply who has been a paid member for at least one year and additionally is a member of one or more of the following communities: pgm/bipoc, female, trans/nonbinary, member of the LGBTQ+ community.  One (1) is given per year and this scholarship covers 100% of your tuition.  When funds allow, this scholarship *may* also cover a meal plan, housing, and/or a travel stipend but this is *not* guaranteed.

3) The PGM/BIPOC Scholarship - anyone who is pgm/bipoc may apply, regardless of membership status.  This scholarship is generated through a portion of the adjudication fees received by Fight Masters throughout the year, so we always award at least one (1) but can often fund more.  This is a "fully funded" scholarship, and covers 100% of your tuition, your meal plan, on-campus housing, and a small travel stipend. 

The scholarship application is built into the registration (; and you can select which scholarship (or scholarships) you'd like to apply for on this screen:  Please note that you do not need to submit a downpayment in order to apply for scholarships.

You may also be able to find and apply for personal grants.  A good place to start that search is by visiting the website of your state and local Arts Council.

Finally, folks who have been paid SAFD Members for over a year will receive a $50 discount to the workshop.  The discount is refunded to your account on the first day of class.