2017 NSCW Scholarship Application Process

EVERY MEMBER of the SAFD is entitled to a scholarship to the NSCW equal to a $45 scholarship for less than 3 years of membership, 10% scholarship for 3-4 years of membership, and increasing to 15% for 5 or more years of membership.  This membership scholarship is awarded with NO APPLICATION NECESSARY.


For the 2017 National Stage Combat Workshop, the SAFD will be offering a single, full tuition scholarship (room/board and travel are the responsibility of the student) to attend the NSCW Intro, ACSP or AACSP workshop.  

To QUALIFY, scholarship candidates must: 

  • Scholarship applicants MUST be a member of the SAFD in good standing for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Demonstrate an aptitude toward, and a strong desire to learn the skills and performance styles of the stage combative arts.
  • Demonstrate a need (not necessarily financial) for said scholarship.
  • Be pursuant of or have received an undergraduate degree in performance studies (or other such equivalent training).


To APPLY, scholarship candidates must submit the following items:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Nomination Letter from SAFD CT, FD, FM or Governing Body member
  • Letter of Rec from one other party/individual
  • Resume (CV if available)
  • A pdf copy of your SPT Transcript history from safd.org. To download your transcript follow the instructions here: https://youtu.be/FKK8UEtYQos


You can submit your application on the: NSCW Scholarship Application Form


Direct any and all NSCW Scholarship questions to NSCW Coordinator, Christina Traister at nscwcoordinator@safd.org